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Unspoiled landscapes with vineyards, steep terraces, centuries-old dry walls, romantic vineyard cottages and picturesque river valleys leave their mark in the 768 hectare quality wine-growing area Saale-Unstrut.

Wine-growing Saale-Unstrut – region

Unspoiled landscapes with vineyards, steep terraces, centuries-old dry walls, romantic vineyard cottages and picturesque river valleys leave their mark in the 768 hectare quality wine-growing area Saale-Unstrut.
The beauty of the river valley and the grace of the landscape formed by terraced wine-growing dispenses a unique Mediterranean flair.
Even about 1000 years ago the empire of the Ottonen indulged in wine-growing along Saale-Unstrut. Today three federal states are part of the wine region: Saxony Anhalt (644 hectare), Thuringia (115 hectare) and Brandenburg (10 hectare).

Wine-growing estates & unique cultural landscapes along the wine alley Saale-Unstrut

About 60 private wine-growing estates, the wine-growing association Freyburg, Landesweingut Kloster Pforta and Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellerei invite you along the wine alley Saale-Unstrut to try, enjoy and stay there. So called Straußwirtschaften (temporary bars selling new home-grown wine, often signalled by a bunch of twigs hanging above the door) and estate pubs alternate with historical places because the Romanesque Alley as well as the so called Himmelswege touch upon the sensual path. Castles and palaces, for example Neuenburg in Freyburg, important buildings like the Naumburg Cathedral with its famous donator figures as well as mystic places like the place where the world famous ´Sky Disc of Nebra´ was found and the sun observatory in Goseck can tell stories of the cultural history of the country.
The wine region reveals to you in great variety on well-prepared cycling and walking paths and waterways. The wine alley Saale-Unstrut leads you from Memleben along Unstrut and Saale for about 60 km and leads you to Weißenfels in the north. Around Höhnstedt near Halle another wine route invites you to a 20 km tour and connects Zappendorf with Unterrissdorf under the name ´Mansfelder Seen´.
And last but not least you can enjoy another ´grape-island´ of about 20 km along the wine route ´Weiße Elster´ from Kloster Posa in Zeitz to Wetterzeube.
Discover the vineyards during guided walks, the secret of wine during guided tours through the wine cellars and let you take into the empire of senses during wine or sparkling wine tastings or experience the sparkling event ´Sektival´ in the Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei.

Exquisite wines

The wines of Saxony Anhalt distinguish by an elegant delicate and fruity bouquet with mineral nuances.
Mussel lime soil as well as red sandstone, loess clay and copper slate can be found. In the river valleys so called ´warm islands´ are responsible for an especially mild micro climate.
The sun shines about 1.600 hours per year. The wine-growing area belongs to the region of lowest rainfall in Germany (about 500mm). The average yield is about 55 hl/hectare.
The wine-growing is run on spacious areas and traditionally on steep and terraced areas. Most of it is grown in wire grating.
The cultivation of the vineyards, especially in steep areas, requires a lot of work and is in most cases only possible by hand with winch and hoe. The balanced climate, the soil, a well-directed yield regulation and the experienced hands of the wine-growers create wines of special quality and give the exquisite wines a unique sparkling character.

Various types of grapes

There are more than 50 native types of grapes which are mostly grown dryly. On top there is the white wine list, leaded by a spicy Müller-Thurgau, followed by a fruity Weißburgunder and an earthy Silvaner. But also the sparkling Riesling, the lively Kerner- and Bacchuswines, the high-grade Grauburgunder or the rare Gutedel find their way into the glass. Almost every fourth litre of wine is red. They convince with potential and fruit like the full-bodied and melting Blauer Zweigelt, the velvet Spätburgunder, the fiery Dornfelder and the fruity Portugieser. Furthermore some fine sweet rarities made from grapes hardened by frost and wine made from selected grapes wait for the tongues of the gourmets.

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